Here is a full list of the workshops which will be available to choose from in the afternoon at the April 23rd People’s Assembly:

1) Connecting Spirituality and Climate Justice

To mark the significance of Earth Day coinciding with Easter, this workshop is a multi-faith effort to look at the intersection between spirituality and the principles of climate justice.

2) Plan a Collective Action

One of the most consistent feedbacks we have been receiving from members, is that they want the Assembly to be action-oriented. This workshop is a chance to meet with like-minded people and chart a course toward a large collective action for Climate Justice!

3) Rethinking Energy Systems: Nuclear vs Sustainable Solutions

In the wake of the nuclear disaster in Japan, it is clear that the Climate Justice movement must articulate clear alternative solutions. Join panelists Justin Podur of York University, Cory Morningstar of Canadians for Action on Climate Change, and Martina Rowley of Transition Toronto to discuss how to reduce emissions and move into a clean energy future that respects the principles of Climate Justice.

4) Climate Justice Popular Consultation

5) Climate Justice Manifesto (hosted by Council of Canadians Toronto Chapter)

6) Build Your Own Bike Cart (hosted by Food Not Bombs Toronto)

Step-by-step demo of how to build your own bike cart from scavenged materials. Participants who bring their own materials can then build their own cart during the workshop! Email peoplesassembly.toronto(at) for list of materials.

7) How To Recycle Old T-shirts

Practical hands on workshop with lots of creative ways to modify and reuse old T-shirts!


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