The challenge of the climate crisis can only be met with a coordinated response that will bring forth our power in numbers. It also requires that we confront the root causes of the crisis and not just the symptoms. Through a horizontal people’s process, the Assembly will seek to create a space where we can work together to share experience, knowledge, and resources in order to build a local response to a global crisis. The Assembly hopes to work towards this objective through channels of collective dialogue and community empowerment.


To gather together people, groups, organizations, and the wider climate and social justice community to form regular People’s Assemblies on Climate Justice, in continuation of the June 23rd , 2010 Assembly which took place during the G20 week. The Assemblies will serve as a permanent open forum for ongoing dialogue, and will focus on movement building, community alternatives and empowerment, developing strategies for action, and creating unity within the climate justice movement.

The People’s Assembly is a space where the voice of the people can be heard. It is a community-based response to the climate crisis which recognizes the principles of Climate Justice and rejects the False Solutions of Global Capital. We use a Horizontal Process to empower participants and allow them to set the direction of the Assembly. Together we are striving to build the alternative methods and structures necessary to lead us away from the path of ecological and social destruction and towards a new vision of planetary Justice


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