G20 2010

Report from the First People’s Assembly

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 7pm
Location: Ryerson Student Campus Centre (SCC115)
Address: 55 Gould Street, Toronto — See Map
Contact: Brett Rhyno, (647) 869-6496
Contact: Glenn MacIntosh, (416) 861-1303
E-mail: peoplesassembly.toronto(at)gmail.com
Facebook: Event Page

Wondering how climate change and social justice are connected? What could be done address this crisis right here in Toronto? As our government chooses to spend over a billion dollars on a Summit for the world’s wealthiest governments and institutions, while consistently failing to address the real and immediate threat of climate change, it is time for communities to stand up and speak out!

With  the success of the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia in April 2010, social movements from all over the world have begun to cross-pollinate their efforts to forge an urgent movement for Climate Justice that demands governments respect and protect the rights of climate-impacted communities and our planet, Mother Earth.

The Cochabamba Accord calls for indigenous self-determination, economic justice, migrant justice, gender justice, environmental and climate justice, food sovereignty, etc. – everything we are fighting for in Toronto.

To nurture strong, ongoing connections between multiple local struggles and organizers, we call on all those interested in building a broad movement for Climate Justice in Toronto to gather on the evening of Wednesday, June 23 for a peaceful, participatory, indoor assembly to discuss:

  • the relationship between climate change and justice and how all of our struggles are connected by the climate crisis
  • what happened in Cochabamba, why it matters, and how it can influence  our organizing moving forward
  • how we can best support and strengthen the global — and local! — movement for climate justice

Only the collective strength of all our movements can achieve the global response necessary to confront the climate crisis. We need all of our voices – young, old, new, experienced, settler, indigenous – to be there. On June 23rd it will be YOUR turn to talk! JOIN US!

Endorsing Organizations:

Banyon Youth, Canadian Federation of Students, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, Community Coalition Against the Mining of Uranium, Continuing Education Student’s Association of Ryerson, Council of Canadians, ecoSanity, Greenspiration, Indigenous Environment Network, KAIROS (Toronto Centre), Mining Watch Canada, No One Is Illegal, Polaris Institute, Public Service Alliance of Canada, Rainforest Action Network Toronto, Science For Peace, Students Against Climate Change, Toronto Bolivia Solidarity, Toronto Climate Campaign, United Church of Canada


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