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Contact: Brett Rhyno, (647) 869-6496
E-mail: peoplesassembly.toronto(at)
Facebook: Event PagePeople’s Assembly on Climate Justice

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  1. Matt Foster says:

    Dear fellow environmentalists,
    I would like to offer a suggestion on how we might unite worldwide against those who are destroying absolutely everything. Bear with me as this is quite a simple idea and costs very little to get it rolling.
    We know that the political arena is pretty much controlled by business interests. The public is duped into believing that voting for business interests is in their interests.
    We need to take up an international call to get people to stop voting for political parties that support business interests so that elected officials start to represent a cross section of society.
    First we need to agree of a simple slogan or quotation that expresses our message of concern and/or despair. The message needs to stand alone without further information or debate. This message could then be used worldwide as our call to do something tangible – that is to stop voting against our best interests.
    Here is my suggestion “Vote for business -interest political parties and then kiss the world goodbye” (I have purposely not used a party name here as the message needs to be international – The public would soon come to understand which parties support the business-interest right)
    This “call to arms” could be used as an email signature message – it could be used as a bumper sticker of a sticker on a front door of your apartment or home.
    It could be translated into every language. If a unique colour as a background, then people everywhere would know what the message meant; even if they did not understand the language. (As a suggestion use Terracotta as a background and white as the font)
    Please give this some thought.
    I am willing to finance the start of this project up to $500.00 if we can agree on how to proceed.
    Matt Foster – (world at golden dot net) 519 621 9908

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