Dec 4th People’s Assembly Callout

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What: People’s Assembly on Climate Justice
When: Saturday, December 4th, 2010, 9:30am-5pm
Where: Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George St, SS2118
Cost: PWYC (breakfast and lunch included)

On June 23rd 2010, in advance of the G20, Toronto held its first People’s Assembly in community response to the climate crisis. Now on December 4th, 2010, activists, groups, community organizers and neighbourhood participants will gather for the second Toronto People’s Assembly on Climate Justice.

Faced with the illegitimate and false solutions promoted through the UN climate talks, La Via Campesina has called for the creation of a thousand Cancuns to counter the next round of negotiations in Mexico from Nov. 29th to Dec. 11th. For Dec. 4th, the Global Climate Campaign has initiated an international day of action, and the national call-out by the Council of Canadians to hold countrywide assemblies on the same day has been answered by communities across Canada. The second Assembly, as a manifestation of these calls to resistance, will serve as the launching point for a series of regular Assemblies in an effort to build a united movement for Climate Justice in Toronto.

The challenge of the climate crisis can only be met with a coordinated response that will bring forth our power in numbers. It also requires that we confront the root causes of the crisis and not just the symptoms. Through a horizontal people’s process, the Assembly will seek to create a space where we can work together to share experience, knowledge, and resources in order to build a local response to a global crisis. The Assembly hopes to work towards this objective through channels of collective dialogue and community empowerment.

Our goal is to generate new possibilities and new hopes in order to bridge the gap from separately operating groups, communities, and individuals, to converge into one diverse, united movement. We must equip ourselves with the tools we need to fulfill our potential as an effective Social and Climate Justice community.

The Toronto People’s Assembly on Climate Justice
RSVP on Facebook: People’s Assembly on Climate Justice


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People’s Assembly to form again on December 4th, 2010

Nov 2010

Invitation to help build, support and participate in the second Toronto People’s Assembly on Climate Justice to be held on December 4th, 2010 as part of a Global Day of Climate Action.

Thanks to the support of over 30 organizations within Toronto, the June 23rd People’s Assembly on Climate Justice was an incredible success, where over 250 social and climate justice activists, representatives from organizations and community groups, and concerned members of the public gathered to discuss community-based responses to the climate crisis.

The second Toronto People’s Assembly on Climate Justice, to be held on Dec 4th, 2010, is intended to be the launch of a permanent series of Assemblies which will serve as an open forum for ongoing dialogue and movement building within Toronto. By following the horizontal process established in the first Assembly and without imposing the answer it seeks to find, the Assembly will create a space where the discussions necessary to create a strong and unified movement for climate justice in Toronto can take place.

The Dec 4th Assembly will mark the halfway point of the Cancun Climate Talks and will take place alongside actions organized around the world as part of a worldwide day of action called for by the Global Climate Campaign. The Assembly is also in line with the call from La Via Campesina to create ‘1000 Cancuns’ around the globe, and the national callout from the Council of Canadians for People’s Assemblies across the country. With members of Toronto Climate Campaign, Toronto Bolivia Solidarity, Environmental Justice Toronto, and Science for Peace already on the organzing team, the Assembly is shaping up to be the central local response to the UN climate talks in Cancun.

The scope of the challenges that the climate crisis presents to us is beyond the ability of any group or collection of individuals to confront on their own. Our only hope lies in coming together to form a united movement with the determination empower ourselves to build the capacity that will allow us to organize our communities as a collective movement to create effective solutions.

Our future (and future generations) depend on our success. We welcome your endorsement, participation in our bi-weekly planning meetings, any financial contribution you can make, help in promoting and raising awareness, and of course, your eventual participation in the Assembly itself.

For more information:

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People’s Assembly: Videos


People’s Assembly on Climate Justice to be held Wednesday, June 23rd, in Toronto.

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 7pm
Location: Ryerson Student Campus Centre (SCC115)
Address: 55 Gould Street, Toronto — See Map
Contact: Brett Rhyno, (647) 869-6496
Contact: Glenn MacIntosh, (416) 861-1303
E-mail: peoplesassembly.toronto(at)
Facebook: Event Page

Wondering how climate change and social justice are connected? What could be done address this crisis right here in Toronto? As our government chooses to spend over a billion dollars on a Summit for the world’s wealthiest governments and institutions, while consistently failing to address the real and immediate threat of climate change, it is time for communities to stand up and speak out!

With  the success of the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia in April 2010, social movements from all over the world have begun to cross-pollinate their efforts to forge an urgent movement for Climate Justice that demands governments respect and protect the rights of climate-impacted communities and our planet, Mother Earth.

The Cochabamba Accord calls for indigenous self-determination, economic justice, migrant justice, gender justice, environmental and climate justice, food sovereignty, etc. – everything we are fighting for in Toronto.

To nurture strong, ongoing connections between multiple local struggles and organizers, we call on all those interested in building a broad movement for Climate Justice in Toronto to gather on the evening of Wednesday, June 23 for a peaceful, participatory, indoor assembly to discuss:

  • the relationship between climate change and justice and how all of our struggles are connected by the climate crisis
  • what happened in Cochabamba, why it matters, and how it can influence  our organizing moving forward
  • how we can best support and strengthen the global — and local! — movement for climate justice

Only the collective strength of all our movements can achieve the global response necessary to confront the climate crisis. We need all of our voices – young, old, new, experienced, settler, indigenous – to be there. On June 23rd it will be YOUR turn to talk! JOIN US!

Endorsing Organizations:

Banyon Youth, Canadian Federation of Students, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, Community Coalition Against the Mining of Uranium, Continuing Education Student’s Association of Ryerson, Council of Canadians, ecoSanity, Greenspiration, Indigenous Environment Network, KAIROS (Toronto Centre), Mining Watch Canada, No One Is Illegal, Polaris Institute, Public Service Alliance of Canada, Rainforest Action Network Toronto, Science For Peace, Students Against Climate Change, Toronto Bolivia Solidarity, Toronto Climate Campaign, United Church of Canada

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